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Little tool for League of Legends game that allows you:
- Search for ranked players and get detailed information about their ELO rating, played matches and champions.
- Quick teammate look-up. Copy and paste PvP header ("xxx joined the room. ...") after joining the game and check information about your team.
- Detailed counter-picking lists. Create as many lists as you wish and share them with other people. Separate lists for solo lanes, bottom (with support), and jungle. Compare champions in different situations.
- Get real-time information about any champion straight from Riot in-game databases.

Summoner Search

Summoner Search
Teammates Lookup
Counter Picks
Counter Pick Overview
Counter Champion Information


- Download and run LoLHQ.exe file.
- If the program cannot locate your League of Legends installation folder, please specify it (otherwise you won't be able to use some functions).
Note: LoLHQ requires League of Legends installation folder in order to retrieve current champions information and graphic files. All files are accessed in read-only mode, without changing anything.


I can't access my Counter Picks data.
Make sure you specified League of Legends installation folder in Options dialog.

I can't find a summoner and check his/her ELO.
Statistics are shown ONLY for ranked players. Make sure you specified the correct server as well.

Why LoLHQ requires League of Legends installation path?
LoLHQ does not modify LoL contents (or any other files on your system) and access Riot databases to retrieve the up to date champion information and graphic files.

Why LoLHQ requires Administrator access?
Depending on your system settings you might need to run LoLHQ in Administrator mode if LOL installation path is protected. Also, if LOL installation path is not specified (usually on the first launch), LoLHQ tries to locate it by reading registry entries.

*How to use Teammates Lookup function?"
You can either enter summoner names manually one per line, or you can simply copy PvP headers when you enter the game. Such as:
xxx joined the room.
yyy joined the room.
zzz joined the room.

Does LoLHQ contain any spyware/virus?
Definitely not. It is open-source and you can check it yourself.

Can you add XXX feature?
I might. Let me know.

Where LoLHQ gets the data?
ELO ratings and summoner statistics are provided by The rest is read straight from game databases.

How can I help?
Please report any bugs you might encounter. Feel free to send your own personal counter-picking lists that I might include in the future releases. In general, any feedback is appreciated.

What is an R-Score?
A number (0-100) representing how well the player knows specific champion (it takes into account a lot of parameters).

Counter picking list is incomplete/inaccurate.
That is why you should create your own personal counter-picking list (that is what this tool is for after all).

What are the system requirements?
You need at least .NET 3.5 Framework installed on your system.

Is it considered cheating/hacking?
Definitely not. This tool does not change your data in any way.

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